Auto Loan Testimonials

Car Loans Ontario takes pride in helping people in Ontario get car loans regardless of credit, by connecting them with the best auto loan dealers with a high approval rating and positive customer reviews.

Auto Loan Customer Testimonials

March 5, 2019, Was able to help an online applicant from Toronto get approved for a car loan with bad credit. After income was verified and vehicle selected, a dealership partner based in Oakville Ontario sold a like new sedan to another happy customer.

Car Loan Ontario once again takes pride in helping auto loan people with bad credit connect with the best new and used car dealers in Ontario. We looking forward to hearing their positive reviews and hope the tell their friends about our auto loan services.

March 5, 2018: New car loan customers are now required to visit Google Local Business to post their auto loan reviews and comments. Please do not send your testimonials by email or text. Thank you.

December 16, 2017 auto loan customer in Toronto. After applying for a car loan from a bank near me, I was approved but had to put a certain amount of money down. So I decided to try other means to get financing and was accepted by a local dealer for an auto loan rate. My credit wasn’t that bad and made enough monthly income to pay all my bills and afford a vehicle.

October 21, 2017, Car Loans Ontario was able to help 53 new auto finance customers in Ontario get the information they need to get auto financing.August 11, 2017 was contacted by one of my close friends to get a car loan for a small 4 door vehicle. I’ve known this guy for over 10 years and was aware of his poor credit situation.

Well, I referred him to who I believe is the best bad credit car loan dealer in not just Ontario buy the whole of Canada to get approved. Usually the approvals take around 24 to 48 hours but my friend works during the day and didn’t have access to a fax or email to send his pay stubs in to get the car loan he wanted.

Well, he was approved for a car loan on a small car regardless of having poor credit financing issues.

Once again our Toronto based car dealer helped another visitor of Car loans Ontario.The best auto loan service received through Car Loans Ontario and working with Auto Loan Solutions in Toronto. I’m happy with the service received and will contact these people again in the future if I need help. Shelly, Toronto Ontario, April 3 2017.

March 10, 2017 Car Loan Review – We’ve been a resident of Toronto for over 30 years so getting a car loan was never a problem due to having a stable job, good credit and a house. However, our credit is not bad and we couldn’t understand why the banks were not able to give us a good interest rate on our second auto loan. So we searched around online to see if we could find the best interest rate on a new vehicle and we came across a few good dealers in our area. Basically, we went with a dealership that was able to get us financing on a brand new dodge minivan. Fast service and reliable people to work with. Anonymous, Toronto area auto finance applicant.February 8, 2017 Auto Loan Review – I applied for a car loan through Car Loans Ontario and was quickly contacted by an auto finance specialist located near me here in Toronto. The dealership was able to get me approved for financing within a few days from the time I applied. Anonymous car loan applicant in Toronto Ontario.November 22, 2016 Auto Loan Review – We contacted Car Loans Ontario who sent our request to Auto Loan Solutions in Toronto who was able to help us get approved. It took us over a week to get everything arranged by all in all, really good service.September 28, 2016 Car Loan Review – I bought a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport from a Mississauga dealer located at 5280 Dixie Road, Mississauga Ontario L4W 2A7. I receive a very low interest rate of 3.99% after selling my used 2010 BMW 528i xDrive privately on Kijiji. From the time I applied to the time I received my Jeep, it took only 3 days total. Everything was taking care of in a friendly manor. I’m glad I was able to get a car loan with a low interest rate and a monthly payment under $300. Ozin, Brampton Ontario.August 10, 2016 Auto Loan Review – I spoke with a dealership about getting a car loan after working with my own bank for 3 weeks. The bank was not able to get me financing due to having bad credit from years of bad credit decisions. Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing and I just though to give up on buying a new car. I decided to search online for information on how to get a car loan after being denied by a bank. As it turns out, Ontario has alot of dealerships who help people get car loans and being a Toronto area resident, I had my options due to the many car dealers in the Toronto area. I’m very happy I contacted Car Loans Ontario who quickly put me in touch with Auto Loan Solutions in local Toronto. Cynthia, Toronto ON.Car Loans Ontario Review July 29, 2016 with a auto loan sales and solution agent who took the time to go over all the financing details and the types of cars available. I was able to get approved for a car loan from a dealer in Mississauga that had both new and used cars for sale for people with less than perfect credit.June 14, 2016 Auto Loan Review – I needed to get a car loan within a few days and every other website I found had strict finance requirements when it came to buying a vehicle. Car Loans Ontario was easy and free so I applied for bad credit financing with a dealers just down the road here in Toronto. So happy these guys were able to get me a good deal on a car loan Liz, Toronto Ontario June 14, 2016.Lived in Mississauga for over 20 years and have bought many vehicles but with very high interest rates. I’m very happy I contacted these people to get my car. Thanks, Anonymous May 5, 2016 in Mississauga.Toronto Car Loans 2016-4-18 approved through a dealership in Toronto even with having bad credit. Thank you.On April 12, 2016 we at Car Loans Ontario received contact from someone living in Mississauga that was worried about not getting approved for a car loan due to having bad credit and a credit score of 530. We quickly assured the person that as long as they are an Ontario Canada resident working for at least 3 months making over $1,800 a month before taxes, then they would have a really good chance of getting a car loan despite having very bad credit or even consumer proposal. As it turned out, the Mississauga area resident was working for over 2 years with a gross income of $3,000 and no bankruptcy or consumer proposal in their history. What’s even better for the client is due to them never missing a bill payment and didn’t owe more than $18,000 from debt, they were able to get a reliable cheap vehicle with an interest rate of under 8.99%. They ending up buying a certified used 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.February 29, 2016 Car Loan Customer applied online on with the livechat service team and was quickly given all the auto finance qualifications to which I confirmed. In less than 30 minutes, I received a call from a reputable car dealer in Toronto to go over all my car loan needs and how to get a car with bad credit. Thanks to this dealership, I was approved for a used car loan to buy a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. I found the service very good in getting the loan taken care of. Toronto car loan customer.January 28, 2016 Auto Loan Customer I applied for a car loan just to see if the service would be able to get me approved. I was contacted by a dealership in the Mississauga area within a few hours and was very happy with the outcome. Anonymous, Brampton auto loan customer.Response: Car Loans Ontario team takes pride in helping people get car loans by referring them to one of our dealership partners. We thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. February 9, 2016.

January 21, 2016 Auto Loan Customer Bad credit and a previously bankruptcy didn’t make it easy to get a car loan from my bank. So after looking around online at various finance sites, I decided to fill out my online application to see if I could get approved for a car loan. Although my income was good, the income was too low to get a car loan with no money down. Within a few days of applying with car loans Ontario, I had a dealer in Toronto contact me to discuss my needs. Thankfully they were able to only focus on my income to get me the car loan I need. Good team! Anand, Mississauga ON.

January 16, 2016 Car Loan Customer: I just traded in my used vehicle at a good price to get my auto loan from these people. I’m very happy with the dealership team and will refer them to my friends, Jenny Toronto ON.My first auto loan provider was not able to get me approved for financing this time around so I looked online for a dealership or any place with the experience to help my bad credit requirements. Car Loans Ontario was able to refer me to a dealership in the Toronto area that had a variety of vehicles in my price range. After speaking with Gabriel, I was assured I would be able to get another car at a much lower interest rate. Good service. Annie, Toronto ON

Bad credit car loan customer in November 26, 2015 .I was approved for financing in just 2 days after contacting them. Very easy and fast service. Anonymous, Brantford Ontario. October 27, 2015.

October 22, 2015 – After struggling with years of bad credit when trying to buy my used car, I came across Car Loans Ontario and was directed to a dealer on Danforth Ave Toronto, ON M4C 1K6. In no time, I was approved for a car loan despite having very bad credit. Ended up buying a used 2015 Honda Civic for cheap. Thank you Car Loans Ontario for such an amazing service and helping me get the best deal possible, Toronto Ontario.

Response: Hello Amy, thank you for taking the time to review Car Loans Ontario and it’s Toronto area auto finance dealership. We appreciate your trusting our online finance referral service and look forward to helping you again. If at anytime you have questions about buying a used vehicle or updates on refinancing your existing car loan, please do not hesitate to contact your existing dealership. Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year when it arrives. With my less than perfect credit and previous bankruptcy, it was hard getting a car loan from my local dealer here in Ottawa. But I took a change with Car Loans Ontario to help and boy are we glad we did. In not time, I was contacted by a dealership in Barrie to purchase a 2012 Honda Civic. Good auto loan people, Ottawa Ontario.

September 19, 2015 vehicle finance customer.-I just needed to get financing for a reliable vehicle and Car Loans Ontario was able to help me get approved. These guys are the real deal when it comes to making good on their promises. Recommend them to all my friends and family. Warren, Ottawa Ontario.

September 9, 2015 Barrie Auto Finance Customer I wanted to buy a new vehicle and first contacted my bank who was able to get me an interest rate of 3.99% based on my current good credit. However, what I didn’t know was with good credit, it was possible to buy a new car at 0%  from certain dealers. I fill out the form online and was directed to a new car dealer in Barrie. After working with Andrew on the paperwork, I ended up calling it quits and contacting Car Loans Ontario again to find a better source. Within 24 hours, I was put in touch with a Toronto area dealership and was off driving my new 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan which my wife really loves. All the options were available such as TV, DVD player, navigation and after sales warranty. Thanks to Car Loans Ontario, my wife and are are really happy with the new minivan.

September 3, 2015 Mississauga Car Loan Customer: I needed to buy a new car after a small accident last year and came across Car Loans Ontario. After applying online, I was approved by a dealership in Mississauga for a brand new 2015 Dodge Journey. Thank you for all the help and support in getting a car loan with less than perfect credit Timothy, Mississauga Ontario.Response: Hello Timothy, My name is Gabriel Irowa and I’m the President and Founder of Car Loans Ontario here in Canada. Thank you for taking the time to trust our auto finance dealerships with such an important purchase and we appreciate your feedback. If at anytime you have any questions or concerns, please remember to reach out to myself our to the dealership in order to ensure you continue to enjoy your vehicle and the auto finance solutions offered. Have a wonderful long weekend! Sept. 3 2015.I would recommend Car Loans Ontario to anyone looking to get an auto loan. Tim, Brampton ON August 27, 2015.August 26, 2015 Toronto ON M5H 2N2 Auto Loan Customer My partner recently purchased a used 2014 Jeep Wrangler from a car dealership in Mississauga Ontario and are so happy with the sales and service people. My husband is a very thorough customer and a business’ nightmare when it comes to buying something he really wants from any store. We went through bad credit issues a few years ago where we almost lost our home due to a recent job change. We worked with the dealership who made us feel relaxed in buying our car and obtain financing with our credit. All the finance paperwork and licensing of the vehicle was taking care of within a few days and we were all ready to drive away with our new car. Thanks everyone and special thanks to your vehicle finance and service team. Anonymous, Toronto ON M5H 2N2 Purchased 2014 Jeep Wrangler with bad credit.August 14, 2014 Ottawa K2E 1A5 Auto Loan Customer: It’s not everyday you find honest people who just care about making their customers happy. I felt Car Loans Ontario had our best interest at heart as we were able to buy the used car we wanted without the sales pressure. Byron, Ottawa K2E1A5 OntarioAugust 13, 2015 Newmarket Auto Loan Customer: We had a very good experience with the sales rep! Michael was very patient when it came to answering all my questions and turned out to be understanding of my situation. He listened attentively to my wife and I and handled our request accordingly. An honest person in every which way and it would be a pleasure to recommend Michael and his dealership. Thank you!! Newmarket L3Y8L9 Car Loan Customer. August 13 2015.Response: Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave your auto loan service and sales review. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future. Car Loans Ontario Team, August 14, 2015.August 12, 2015 Ottawa Auto Loan Customer: Spoke with Isabelle after being denied previously due to bankruptcy and not meeting the income requirements. I was able to get a cosigner. Recommended for sure to friends and family. John C, Ottawa Ontario used car financing.August 11, 2015 Toronto Auto Loan Customer: I applied for my car loan through Car Loans Ontario and was put in touch with a dealership that works with people with bad credit. I ended up buying a used Honda Civic for under $9,000 with pretty decent kms. Thank you for all the help. Remy, Toronto Ontario. Purchased there used vehicle near Toronto, ON M4C 1K3 after receiving guaranteed auto finance approval.Response: Remy, so glad to hear you were able to get a car loan through one of our dealership friends. Also would like to thank you for using our online auto loan referral service and we are happy the Toronto dealer was able to help you get a car loan and a vehicle that suited your requirements.July 28, 2015: My husband and I got into an car accident last Thursday and desperately need a new vehicle to get back and forth to work and take our kids to their after school classes. Both our credits are good so we knew we had the option to apply again through our own bank without needing a co-signer to get a car loan. Something told us to just search around online to see if we could get a better auto loan interest rate on this loan on a brand new Dodge Journey. Within no time, were were put in touch with a Chrysler dealership in Mississauga where we drove down to meet with the car dealer. We found them to be very friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of the auto financing process and had us in a Dodge Journey last Saturday. The best and fastest auto loan service and sales we’ve ever received. Anonymous, Pickering ON July 28, 2015 for auto loans.Response: Thank you for leaving your auto loan review of Car Loans Ontario and it’s dealer partner. We are glad you find our bad credit car loan service experience a great one. Car Loans Ontario August 14, 2014.Well, I’m not going to sit here and say I had the best overall experience trying to get a car loan financing with my credit through here. Why? Because it wasn’t all smooth sailing the first time around. Unlike most people in the province, my credit is terrible to say the least with my debt totaling over $500,000 from past Ontario business failures where I wasn’t able to repay the loan from the bank. In addition, I had my vehicle repossessed due to it being tied to the business. From all the stress that comes with maintaining your own business and a family to support, I just couldn’t find the strength to continue living pay cheque to pay cheque just to pay the high interest in credit cards bank loan. Add having a really bad account who just ended up costing me more money in the end due to improper filing of my personal and business taxes, I truly couldn’t afford to keep pay for my luxury vehicle. The solution was to downgrade my life last year and hope I would be able to qualify for a car loan but at a much lower price. What I didn’t know was the interest rates would be much higher due to my credit history and job stability. I was considered a self-employed person with bad credit looking for a new car loan without having enough money for a down payment. After browning around through various websites offering guaranteed financing for people with bad credit, I came across Car Loans Ontario who then referred me to a Toronto based Chevrolet dealership right in the middle of Etobicoke Ontario. For some reason, the sales rep that contacted me was new and didn’t know what the hell was going on and kept asking really stupid questions about my credit score being so low. So after putting up with this clown, I asked to speak with the manager or someone with the proper experience to help me get approved for a small used car loan even with my past and current credit score. Thank goodness I was able to speak with a knowledgeable finance manager where everything went as smooth as one could imagine. Within a few hours off dealing with this guy, I was approved for used auto financing on a 2012 Ford with warranty. To make a very long story short, I was every satisfied with the service received from this rep and would recommend. Only difference would be to ensure I ask about the initial person’s experience in getting people cars with bad credit. Victor, Toronto ON July 27, 2015. Satisfied bad credit car loan customer near Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4A 1J6.Scarborough Auto Loan Customer July 27, 2015: I was able to get financing for a 2013 Honda Civic from a dealer where we live in Scarborough. They had the vehicle delivered right to my front door in less than a week without any issues. Nicolas. Scarborough OntarioToronto Car Loan Customer July 7, 2015: This is my third car but the first time I’ve ever went through the financing online. After applying, I was referred to a Toronto car dealership to help with the auto loan approval process. Everything was easy with the local person being very helpful. In the end, I bought a like-new 2014 Dodge Caravan with an affordable monthly payment.

Thank you for helping us through every step of the way. Rachel, Toronto Ontario.Car loan customers from all over Ontario Canada have been so easy to work with and we appreciate their positive feedback of our special finance for car loan services.

Please take the time to read through our auto loan customer testimonials and reviews for people with good credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, no credit, no money down and more.

Thank you and it was a pleasure serving you!At Car Loans Ontario in Ontario Canada, we are very proud of the high level of service provided to our website visitors who’ve used our website to get a car loan or ask questions about vehicle financing. Please review our customer testimonials and feel free to send us your FREE and No Obligation positive feedback on our website. We thank all our visitors for allowing us and our network of Canada car loan experts to serve them better. Contact us to share your feedback or click here to apply for a car loan with good or bad credit.A few years ago I lost my job after going through a divorce which prevented me from paying my bills. I eventually lost my car and was sent into collections. Needless to say, my credit become bad due to this issue. I was just recently hired for a new job that required driving and after visiting a few dealers in my area, everyone said no to getting the financing I needed to buy a car. I then searched online for anyone and any company that could help me get a car loan with my credit and previous divorce. I applied online and was put in touch with a dealership who was able to get me approved for a used Honda Civic. Just wanted to say thank you for the support and confidence in knowing I would be able to make my payments. Toni, June 8, 2015 Mississauga ON auto loans with poor credit.It just took these guys a few days to get me approved for my car loan. Very satisfied with the entire process and will surely recommend to my friends. Thank you for going above and beyond your call of duty. Timothy (Scarborough Car Dealer) January 25, 2015 for auto loans with bad credit.-Out of all the the people and websites that claimed to offer what we needed to get auto financing, these guys actually delivered as promised. Highly recommend their referred auto finance service. Timothy January 5, 2015 (referred to Auto Loan Onario)Response: Thank you Timothy for working with our auto finance team to get you the car loan you wanted. We hope you continue to enjoy your new vehicle. Please remember to make all monthly car payments in order to rebuild your credit and to qualify for a better auto loan interest rate.-I applied here online for financing and was contact by a used car dealer who was able to get us approved and the truck we asked for. Good customer service. Arlene from Toronto December 13, 2014. Auto loans for bad credit in Toronto.-I found the company service well and professional. The were understanding of my current financing issues and all the calls I made to ensure I would get approved. I will surely recommend their service. Semple October 9, 2014.-I am very pleased with Toronto Auto Loan’s service. They were amazing, super friendly and great customer service. We needed another car for work and they were able to help me quickly and get the best possible loan rate for us and budget. September 10, 2014 Toronto-While searching for the right car and a low auto loan interest rate, they have been nothing short of amazing in regards to customer service. They listened to all of my questions and needs, and found the perfect vehicle with a low interest rate car loan. Excellent communication skills made this loan process quick, easy and painless. I was able to get a car loan with little time on the job. I would recommend Car Loans Ontario and the referred Toronto dealership to anyone who values honesty in their sales reps. Melissa. July 20, 2014 Toronto Auto Loan Customer.-They were very pleasant to do business with when compared to other car loan companies. My credit was bad and previous issues due to a divorce. After calling around other dealerships, I was referred to one in Mississauga on Dundas street that had cars within my budget. In just a few hours, I was pre approved for financing and was able to visit the local dealership. All prices were accurate as discussed over the phone. The service was quick and there were no hassles. I would recommend them to people I know looking to buy a used vehicle and anyone trying to avoid hidden feeds.

I’m happy with my new car and appreciate all their help. Joe. July 20, 2014 Mississauga Car Loan Customer.

After searching online, I came across this website and was referred to a Toronto based dealership. Within a few days, I was approved and driving my new car. Thank you, Anne July 19, 2014 vehicle financing in Toronto.

This has been a very good auto loan and car buying experience. It has been a while since I have made a large purchase and they were able to guide me and provide good advice.

They have been such a great help and very understanding of my situation. Kay. February 18, 2014 Brampton Auto Loan Customer.Very friendly and professional group of people who had the right vehicles in stock with a staff that had the experience helping me get financing without having to pay too much per month. The sales rep answered all my questions and explained the process in detail. I recommend these guys and their service to anyone in the market for a car loan or just need help buying a vehicle Steven. February 18, 2014 Port Colborne Ontario Auto Loan Customer.-I had found Auto Loan Ontario online after speaking with a friend of mine about buying a new car. The finance representative is one of the best. She found me a reliable vehicle fast. I’m so glad I came to Auto Loan Ontario for my needs. Debbie. February 13, 2014 Brampton Auto Loan Customer.-Beside my brother Nelson, I never met someone with so much confidence. The lady was so thorough and willing to work hard. With my bad credit history and score I couldn’t imagine to get a car loan so fast, safe for my family and I. I do believe in miracles. Everything is possible. Gold bless you. Eveline. February 12, 2014 (Auto Loans Brampton)-They were of great vehicle financing assistance with getting me what I wanted in a truck. I would recommend their service to all my friends and family. Michelle in Etobicoke Ontario January 29, 2014 experience with getting a car loan with bad credit.-Our experience with Car Loans Ontario was very enjoyable and we found the sales reps very polite and knowledgeable. They let us know everything we needed to know and made us feel very comfortable with the switch of our vehicles, Tim St Catharines Ontario January 2, 2014 Auto loan for bad credit customer near St Catharines, ON L2R 7C2 auto loan with poor credit.Response: Thank you Tim for taking the time to review our free and easy online car loan for bad credit service. We appreciate your business and hope we have helped in rebuilding your credit and have provide the best service.-I found this car loan service to be good for me due to my finances and credit not being the best. The Auto Loans team in Toronto were very professional, always very helpful. They made the process of financing and buying the vehicle as painless and smooth as can be. I would recommend their service to others without hesitation Daniel, Toronto Ontario.-Car Loans Ontario have been very helpful and great to work with. The dealership communicated with me throughout the entire process. They were patient and outstanding. It was as if the service team were my very own assistant. If I had the opportunity to rate their auto loan process and the service provided it would be excellent. Thanks, Edmond. Brampton Ontario-The best experience in dealing with a local business service. They went above and beyond in their promise to get me a car loan. Anonymous. Pickering, Ontario Canada Bad Credit Car Loans December 14, 2013.-I sent an auto loan request here online and received a response within 30 minutes from a nice lady by the name of Isabelle. She explained everything about the loan before proceeding. I would recommend this auto finance service to my friends and family. Thank you, Daniela Brampton Ontario November 5, 2013.-All was handled with the utmost respect to my current credit situation. The staff was able to put me in touch with a firm to assist me to rebuild my credit. Very pleased with the professionalism in making the financial arrangements for my car. Myers, Toronto Ontario. March 20, 2013.-I was referred to a local dealership in Lindsay, Ontario for my car loan and was approved the same day. Very fast service and delivered as promised. Angie, Linday ON Canada. March 20, 2013. I could not be more happier with the end result of your website referral service. In the past month I applied to other dealers and sites promising 100% approvals and was denied each time. However, the finance manager helped me and I got a loan for a great new Toyota. Recommend!! Tony. London ON. March 20, 2013We highly recommend the auto loan service provided. They referred me to an excellent financial advisor who provided us with excellent service and great advice on how to get my car loan at a much lower interest rate than other lenders. Our experience purchasing our first vehicle was exceptional thanks to the recommendations made based on our preferences and budget. Thank you very much for helping me with my car loan. Paul, Hamilton Ontario Canada March 18, 2013 for auto loans.Excellent auto loan dealership sales and customer service team. They were very determined to meet customers needs.

Everyone in the car loan department was pleasant and extremely helpful in ensuring I was able to get the vehicle I wanted, while rebuilding my credit. Will recommend this financing service to everyone. Thanks, James Toronto ON March 17, 2013.

They were 100% excellent in getting me a car loan with my credit. I have been in contact with many dealerships in my search for a used Toyota vehicle and even banks. The financing team was able to have everything ready within a few days. Clean cars on the lot that were all certified.

When I asked for a carproof report, they willing provided with no issues. Good service from the auto loan staff, Maria Oshawa ON March 15, 2013.Drove from Mississauga Ontario to get a car loan and was happy with the way everything went. Randle – Mississauga Ontario Auto Loan-Excellent financing help received. Marcus. January 17, 2014 St Catharines Ontario Canada Auto Loans.-I found the company very helpful and honest throughout the auto finance process Jessica January 17, 2014 Paisley Ontario Car Loan.-Used 2012 Kia Optima bought without any issues. I never had such a fantastic service in my life, they’ve done the job for me, and because of their experience in the car business, I could drive what I needed without any trouble. If you need a vehicle, I will recommend everyone to come here and just talk to Him and he will do it for you. January 15, 2014 Kingston Ontario Canada Vehicle Financing for Bad Credit.-Due to my bad credit I was concerned about being able to get not just a decent vehicle but any vehicle. Cathy was very helpful and arranged everything worry-free.  I am excited to drive my new car! Martina January 15, 2014 Pickering Ontario Car loan-I would like to express what a wonderfully pleasant experience it has been working with Car Loans Ontario and their online special finance support team.  I am not the most patient person when it comes to making large purchases but appreciate someone who can readily identify that I just need to be touched base with so that I am aware of what is going on during the purchase and they were able to immediately recognize this need and follow through.  They kept in touch with me every step of the way and I have never had someone work so hard to ensure I was pleased with my purchase.  I have to honestly say that they have gone above and beyond in her duties as a Sales Representative for your company and deserves full recognition for her kindness, thoughtfulness, perseverance as well as her patience.   If it wasn’t for their hard work I would not be purchasing such a safe and reliable vehicle that will more than suit my needs.   I am very grateful for all of their hard work and even though I reside in Peterborough I will definitely be back for my next vehicle purchase and will be requesting her assistance. Being a previous business owner who now sits in a managerial position I pride myself in ensuring that my Centre provides quality customer service and satisfaction from not only myself but my staff as well, unfortunately this is not always the case in some used car dealerships.  I believe the auto loan team have not only accomplished this task in my case but they have superseded any and all expectations. Sincerely, Gillian January 23, 2014 Peterborough Ontario Canada Car Loan for Bad Credit no credit.-I found your auto loan services outstanding and in the future hope to deal with you again when looking to buy my next used car. I will highly recommend you to my own friends or family, Sincerely Lesley January 14, 2014 Pickering Ontario Car Finance for Bad Credit People.-My experience with them was excellent. At all times, they maintained a high level of confidence in arriving upon a solution for my auto needs. Whether by phone or text, the auto loan team kept in contact and kept me comfortable with the the process. I will be sure to refer them to those I know. Thank you for all your auto financing help, Anthony January 4, 2014 Toronto Ontario Car Loan for Bad Credit.-It was great dealing with you . You were, are very pleasant. Look forward to dealing with you in the future. Sincerely, Audrey. January 7, 2014. Hagersville, Ontario Canada Car Loan-Bought the following vehicle through Car Loans Ontario. Very professional person to deal with, before and after i got my vehicle. My third car so I would highly recommend this place for new or used vehicle. James 2010 Audi A5. December 28, 2014 Car Loan Ontario Canada-My experience with buying a used vehicle was good. She did a great job. I’m very satisfied with the services provided to me and the different options provided. I would definitely recommend her services to others. Wanda December 14, 2013 Ontario Canada Bad Credit Car Loans Toronto.-I would definitely recommend them or car loan Mississauga in Ontario to any one who intends to purchase a car. They were very professional but made us feel comfortable from the beginning to the end. All our concerns, questions were answered and we look forward to doing future business with her.  Fabian December 14, 2013 Mississauga Ontario Canada Car Loan.-Found their free car loan service and sales referral solutions online and was a little nervous about applying for a loan online. My husband got a new job and we were in need of a second vehicle in a short period of time. We received a phone call from them with in 2 days and she put our mind at ease knowing her office was right in Toronto. They were very friendly, courteous and professional and was able to get us the vehicle we wanted within a short period of time. We will definitely recommend them to our friends and family. Nicole and Steve. December 14, 2013 Pickering Ontario Canada Auto Loan for Bankruptcy-On behalf of my wife and I we would like to thank you for your diligent effort to secure a vehicle for us. The vehicle is excellent, the service I received is highly recommended. We are enjoying the vehicle tremendously and it meets our needs. Thank you again for everything you have done. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Arlene in Ontario Car Loans for No Money Down.-I have never been more delighted with the high level of customer service when dealing with Noel. The low interest rate, the friendly service and the apparent willingness to go all the way for my business!! Outstanding! Mr George. December 13, 2013 Etobicoke Canada Ontario Auto Loans.-Definitely would recommend great service, pleasant people to deal with. Mrs. Corri. December 13, 2013 Bobcaygeon Ontario Auto Finance.-They were very good sale people, sweet. the best very good in their profession. Knows everything and in the future I come back to them to buy a other car. And thanks for the great deal and low month payment. Excellent! Katie December 5, 2013 London Ontario used car loan.-Thank you for all your help and persistence to get us the best auto loan interest rates possible and all the extras! If it weren’t for you I don’t know where we would be, Chancellor. December 3, 2013 Kitchener Ontario Auto Loan for Bad Credit.-I have had a very good experience with the auto loan dealership I was referred to. I would recommend family and friends as they work really hard to find the best vehicle that fits you and your budget. I am really happy that I picked the auto loan dealer in Toronto to help me find the perfect car. I wouldn’t of went any where else but with Car Loan in Toronto. I want to thank you for being there and helping me. You are truly an awesome sales person. Anonymous. December 2, 2013 London Ontario Canada for Bad Credit.-Hi there, the van is great! My family and I love it! We have been telling our friends and family how simple the process was and how quickly we got our van. Thank you for all your wonderful help, you were most helpful and expedient with the paper work. My wife and I are recommending your auto loan company to our friends. Thank you! Kind regards, Nathan. November 29, 2013 Ontario Canada Car Loan.They helped me out with everything I needed and got me the car I wanted with a good approval and fast. The service was great and I recommend this company to anyone that needs help getting a car loan. Frank. November 28, 2013 Ontario Canada Car Loans.-We are very much pleased with the excellent service from Car Loans Ontario Buying a car has never been easy.We bought a car last year from him, and we just exchanged it with a newer one just recently. We are very happy. He gave us what we exactly need, the brand, the year and model, and the price we can afford. Buying a car through him is very easy and hassle free, we just wait while we do our daily routine and he’ll come back with proposals and will get the paperwork done very easy. He’ll get everything done in a very short amount of time. We would definitely recommend him to friends….Two thumbs up for a job well done!!! Harold M. November 27, 2013 Mississauga  Ontario Canada Auto Loan for Bad Credit-My experience dealing with them have been a pleasant one. I am very impressed with the great customer service I received from Car Loans Ontario. They were very pleasant to deal with and was able to secure a deal in 24 hours. This has been a fantastic buying experience and I would certainly recommend my family and friends to do business with them. Cheers. Nelson M. November 27, 2013 Mississauga ON Auto Loan for Bad CreditThank you for all your help. It’s a dream that you made come true. You have excellent customer service. Thank you. Darnelle. November 27, 2013 London Ontario Auto Loan for Bad Credit.-My experience with them as a sales/finance rep is fantastic. She assured me of any arrangement issues would be taken care of totally. Phenomenal business woman. I have never purchased anything in my life before with the expertise and caring attitude which I experienced with Karen. Her professionalism goes unmeasured. Karen was far beyond her call of duty to the company. Thanks and blessings. Ed. November 20, 2013. Kenora Ontario Canada Car Loan for Bad Credit-I really needed a car loan so thank you for helping me, not once, but twice! In finding the vehicle best suited for my needs.  I have always been very pleased with your easy-going approach, which is great because I’ve never felt rushed to make my vehicle purchases. And for listening to what I want in a used car and actually searching those vehicles out.  I’ve only ever test drove once, for each vehicle, which says a lot about your commitment to putting your clients in the vehicle they are looking for. You go the extra mile and show real care for your clients, which is a great gift/attribute to have because car buying can be scary for some.  I’d also like to mention your diligent work in getting me approved for the vehicles I’ve purchased from you.  I felt secure, confident and, as always, pleased with the outcomes. So greatly to for being able to get financing for a new vehicle even with my bad credit. November 19, 2013 Kenora Ontario Canada cars with bad credit or bankruptcy.-Looking for a car can be overwhelming; there is just so much information to consider. At least that’s how it was for me. I knew what I wanted, but discovered I was unaware of so many things. For some of us, car salesmen have a dubious and sometimes untrustworthy reputation, (unless they come recommended to us) which is why I want to recommend Jim to anyone who has been looking around to purchase a vehicle, as they were recommended to me. They helped me through the financial process, leaving me with a realistic idea of what I wanted perhaps wasn’t what I could afford, or appropriate to my driving needs. They took the time to work through a few options for me. They were patient and professional. He distilled the stigma attached to shady deals and rushing through the fine print, by setting me at ease and actually making this process fun and informative. In the end, I am very pleased with my new vehicle, and feel confident in my choice. As long as Jim remains a salesman, I will remain a loyal customer! Many thanks, Steve Kirkland, November 19, 2013 Scarborough Ontario Canada.-This is to advise you that I am extremely happy with the service that was provided. They were so helpful in getting me a loan to buy my first vehicle..and so patient communicating between the two of us…they most definitely deserves a very big pat on the back…they were truly awesome…thanks again for your company in all its aid in helping out people who need a little extra help…again one very satisfied customer and if I know anyone who needs a car I will be sending them to this dealership… they were a joy to work with..thanks very much…sincerely. November 14, 2013 Toronto Car Loans.-Purchasing a car is a nerve racking experience at the best of times, but if you also have bad credit it can be impossible. I needed a “new-to-me” car but being in a consumer proposal I had very few options. No bank would give me a car loan, no dealership would provide me with financing, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get a car. My trustee recommended them. His endorsement of this company made me feel confident in contacting him about my car loan and auto sales. He explained that this company was trustworthy and he felt confident it would be able to help me. They were great! They arranged my financing, found a car from my short list and did it all professionally, respectfully and with humour. He handled all the financing, and arranged to have the car delivered directly to my home. The car is just perfect and exactly what I wanted. I would recommend to anyone with credit problems looking for a car. You will be treated with respect and compassion for your financial situation. Jane  November 13, 2013 Etobicoke Canada Car Loans.-They were an excellent help with helping my kids and I find a car both times. We enjoyed our first real car and I know we’ll enjoy this one just as much. Thanks for all your help. Krista – November 7, 2013 London ON Auto Loan.-Well things are good thanks for getting me in a tuck there was some ups and downs but you worked hard and got the truck to me fast. The end price is high but I’ll just have to work hard and pay fast Ha Ha. If it wasn’t for you bro I’d be stuck in the snow all winter. Thanks to all that help. Ronnie November 5, 2013 Mattawa Ontario Auto Loan.-You made the purchase really easy. Your help and guidance was appreciated and yes I would recommend someone to go here to buy a car. Jeffery. November 2, 2013. Brampton Ontario Auto Loan-What a special lady. Nicole went over and above to get me into a new truck and back on track to repair my credit at awesome rates. Very friendly and responsive, and cute too. I would recommend this dealership to anyone. Edward. November 1, 2013. Mississauga Ontario Auto and Car Loan-Very satisfied with my new van. Easy straight forward to deal with. Thank you. Melanie. November 1, 2013. Blind River Ontario Auto LoanThey were awesome to deal with. Look forward to getting another truck in the future. Robert M. October 28, 2013 Waterloo Ontario Auto LoanIt’s been a great experience through the whole process of working with Nicole. We would definitely recommend you and your company to anyone in a second. Thank you. Peter. October 26, 2013. Ontario Canada Car Loan for All Credit-They were amazing. She went out of her way to get me into a vehicle. When I was in doubt she always encouraged me and tell me “I’ll take care of it”. Nicole is awesome person and I would recommend anyone to her. Thank you so much. Juanita. October 26, 2013 Brampton Ontario Auto Loan for Bad Credit or Bankruptcy-Thank you so much love the van. I have told my friends how wonderful your services are and that you were a pleasure to work for. Thank you so so much. Kiriaki. October 26, 2013 ON Canada Car Loan for No Credit-They help me alot. I like her because she doing customers focus. They best helper. I like continue with her business. They best. Khalid. October 25, 2013 Brampton Ontario Auto Loan Customer-All of this was very encouraging. Also Nicole was good to work with very professional. Thanks Nicole and I will tell any friends how you work with people. Robert. October 24, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan Customer Review-Hi there. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job they are doing, they go above and beyond actually and spoke to me on a few occasions when she was on her own time.  I just bought a used 2013 Ford Edge and they were so patient, answered all my questions and found me my perfect vehicle match!  She was also very helpful and understanding  The last vehicle I purchased ended up being a complete nightmare and Justine understood my hesitation and like I said so patient and understanding.  I am so happy with her customer service and knowledge of the products and wanted you to know that she is an asset to your organization, I will recommend her to anyone I know who is buying a vehicle.   They also arranged for an exchange of vehicles in Sudbury and this went so smoothly, the gentleman who dropped off the vehicle was helpful, nice and made sure I knew how the technology worked before he left.  I thought I would let you know how valuable an employee you have.  Many thanks to her for all she has done for me. I love my Ford Edge 2013. Jennifer. October 24, 2013 Ontario Canada Auto Loan Customer Review.They were vary good to me and helped me a lot with my financing. Kenneth. October 23, 2012. Ontario Auto Loan Review.-Hey. I first want to start by saying a HUGE Thank you.  You did something that I didn’t think was going to be possible for some time. You got me the car that I wanted and at a reasonable monthly cost.  I am so happy that I really can’t even put it into words how I feel about  the entire experience, service and friendly attitude that I received from you.  I really believe that you have gone above and beyond what any other sales person would have done for me. On top of all that you did for me, you also were able to help out my family with the purchase of their car as well.  I will never have an issue with recommending you and what you do to any of my friends or family. Jennifer. October 22, 2013. Ontario Auto Loan Review-My experience was very pleasant and hassle free. They called me everyday to keep me posted and with every call became like a friendship. It was like she knew exactly what I wanted and was what I was looking for. I was not just another customer and she was looking for a sale. She helped me realize there were ways to fix my credit problems as well as put me in the car that I have wanted for years. When the time comes, I will definitely be calling Karen when I will need a new car. Experience  was definitely  one I was happy to experience. Belinda. October 10, 2013. Toronto Auto Loan-I’ve dealt with lots of people in customer services and I can honestly say that she has been the most helpful with my purchase of my vehicle. She was calm, honest and very helpful with my situation. When I one day need to find another car she will be my first option. Thanks. Manuel. October 10, 2013. Pickering Ontario Car Loans & Sales Specialist-Hi, was very clear and up frond about my terms and conditions. My overall experience was very pleasant and I would recommend family or friends to Jim so that he can assist them with their car buying needs as well as financial needs. Jerome. October 9, 2013. Ontario Car Finance Specialist Review-Just wanted to say the guys were great and rocks. I’m so happy that you gave me the chance. Thanks a bunch. Albert. October 9, 2013. London ON Car Loan Reviews-I can’t explain how pleased I was with the service from them. I would strongly recommend you speak with Justine before buying . Their service was impeccable. She is very easy to talk to and you can tell that just by your first conversation. Please before your purchase talk to the best car loan people. Sincerely Heather. October 8, 2013 – Barrie Ontario Special Finance Representative ReviewAbsolutely phenomenal service and customer care from buying to delivery and would definitely recommend. Chris. October 3, 2013. Cambridge, ON Auto Loan-The speed and service with which I was treated was amazing. Was clearly customer oriented, and found the exact vehicle I requested, better in fact. I would without hesitation recommend Noel and his service to anyone. Ben – October 2, 2013. Toronto, ON Auto LoanI am leaving here today with my Mazda 2012, leaving behind my 2007, that you helped me purchase at my worse time. This time you made it so easy, you gave me all the options, which I had no idea of. Karen, you are the Best! I am ecstatic to be driving my new “Mazda 2012″. I have the biggest smile on my face 🙂 . Please, Karen don’t go anywhere, my plan is to be back again. Next time it will be a brand new car. “I am so glad I kept your number!”. June – October 2, 2013. Mississauga Ontario Auto Loan-Dear Car Loans Ontario, my experience has been unforgettable. They have gone above and beyond to make sure everything has gone smoothly for me and my family on this journey of buying a new vehicle. I would definitely  recommend to anyone I know looking or even thinking about looking straight to HG Auto Loan Solutions. Coryn. October 1, 2013 Brampton Ontario Car Loans-There’s not enough lines on here to explain my experience with Auto Loan and Karen.  I have dealt with previous dealerships / loan companies and I cannot begin to show my appreciation to Karen for all her and work and dedication for me. My credit isn’t the greatest and even with bankruptcy I have not had one person look after me more than her. I am a single mother of 2 and with her help I can teach my kids how to have good and keep it that way. She has not only helped me but has helped my family. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her and the solutions for me to get back into a safe, reliable vehicle and the first steps in repairing my credit which will help me own a home in a couple of years for myself and kids. Thanks Kindly, Lisa. – Toronto ON Auto Loan-You’ve definitely gone above and beyond what I ever expected from anyone when trying to purchase a vehicle. I would recommend you to anyone I know looking to buy a vehicle. Great customer service and great ability to get the customer what they asked for. Amanda – September 28, 2013. Kitchener ON Auto Loan Reviews-I would absolutely recommend Auto Loan to someone. Kathy worked exceptionally hard to get us into a car and on a very tight deadline. She was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. She made the car buying process painless. Thanks! Melissa. September 28, 2013. Pickering Ontario Canada Auto Loan Review-Kind, courteous, helpful, stress free, buying my first car was much easier than anticipated. Hand on in full control of conversations before a pen hit the dotted line. I am a people person and work with the general public. Auto Loan was one of the easiest to talk to and find what I wanted without me telling her. Cya next purchase. Nicholas – September 26, 2013 Toronto Car Loan-I would like to thank the Car Loans Ontario process for helping me get a car loan when I needed it most. Very attentive way of tending to all my requirements, pricing questions and concerns, on the purchase of my suv. I would definitely recommend the Car Loans Ontario service to anyone I know. Thanks again for all your help. Evan– September 26, 2013. Ontario Canada Car Finance-There is no happier customer than I today here in the hands of the best financial services specialists from Car Loans Ontario from the Toronto dealer with the best service and welcome any customer could get. Very friendly warm comforting feeling from the moment we spoke. I’m really glad that I got to deal with them in person so helpful and up to her promises. James – September 26, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan for Good and Bad Credit-I would recommend Car Loans Ontario Financing for referring me to Auto Financing for Bad Credit Solutions to any of my friends looking to buy a nice used car. They were very prompt to return any phone calls. Very nice and polite people. In the end, I got my car loan. September 24, 2013. Toronto Ontario Auto Loan Group-John and I (Nikki) want to thank Nicole for all her hard work that she has put in to satisfy our need. We are well pleased and appreciative. If we had to rate her, we  would give her 100% in everything. Thanks again for all you have done for us. Nikki/John. September 23, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan Group in Toronto-I was happy with my experience with Toronto Auto Loan Group. Basically all I had to do is make one phone call and they help me with what I need. I definitely happy to recommend and do business with them in the future. Efren – September 22, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan Group-I was taken aback by the courteous and helpful assistance I got from the ladies at Auto Loan Toronto. Will buy my next car with them for sure. Lisette – Ontario Auto Loan Group in Toronto.-I have been dealing with them in Auto Loan Group in Toronto for a year and 2 cars and have received nothing but professional, courteous service. I highly recommend! Jane – Sept 21, 2013 Kingston Ontario Auto Loan Group in Toronto.-Due to bad credit history, it had bitten me to be able to get a loan of whatsoever. After going through separation with 2 children, I desperately needed a vehicle to take me to work and around with my kids. I tried every avenue I can think of to get a loan but was declined. I stumbled upon their auto loan website through Google and I said to myself to give it a try because what do I have to lose?She was the bad credit car loan specialist for Ontario Canada that answered my phone call. She was very informative to me and extremely helpful with it came to finding the best vehicle financing option and the right used car for sale. It was a lot of vehicle financing information to process but the auto loan solutions rep was a phone call or an email away to answer my questions. Finding me a car was just the next day because it happened that there was a Honda Civic that just arrived with manual transmission and it’s exactly what I was looking for. There were some road blocks with finding the right lender but she never gave up on me even though I was about to gave it all up and commit to commute. She did not only helped me find a car and arranged the finances for it but she provided counseling to me. She always told me during the process that this is a one step forward towards my future with a fresh start and that I will slowly see the light under the tunnel. I was on the train the day that the auto loan solutions person called to tell me that everything went through and she need me to come in to pick up the car I was approved for with such a good auto loan interest rate— I was so happy I cried because she made my day. I highly recommend their auto loan sales and solutions service to anybody in Ontario especially to those who have special circumstances in life like I do. A five star service is what they provide to their client. I am extremely grateful to them for helping me and shared some advice. Two thumbs up to Karen! Thank you so much for everything. I will forever remember you because you are an amazing person that made a difference in life. A very satisfied customer — Ontario Auto Loan.-I just want to say that my overall experience with the auto loan service was great. Got up made a phone call and spoke with a wonderful woman . I thought that I would never ever get to purchase another vehicle. She guide me through it step by step and helped me to fulfill one of my goals. I am so grateful to her making it all possible for me and my family. I would most definitely recommend her to everyone. I have already told two of my closest friends about her and they will be giving her a call. Thank you so much. Debbie-Ann. Sept 13, 2013. Brampton, Ontario Canada Auto Loan-We are so very appreciative of the wonderful customer service. We call many places and Karen was the only one who had time to listen and worked with us so we could get this family van. Now I can go to work and not worry about playing car shuffle. We now have a clear picture on how to fix our credit and look forward to next year. Thank you so much Karen. Amanda. September 13, 2013. Owen Sound. Auto Loan Group in Toronto-I will definitely recommend them at Auto Loans to anyone that is looking for a vehicle. They were very professional, honest and helpful. I was nervous when I started the process but she put me at ease and made it a very enjoyable experience. The team is an asset this company and an overall wonderful staff. Thanks. David. September 12, 2013. Pickering ON Car Loans for Bad Credit-I am very pleased to recommend my family and friends to Auto Loans. They took the time and patience to understand our needs and to help us. They were reliable and very professional in her business dealings. We are appreciative of all her help. . August 29, 2013 Auto Loan-I would like to personally thank you for providing excellent service and recommendations for my vehicle. It feels good knowing that I have someone to depend on for my future vehicle needs. I appreciate the quality and effort that you put into my car loan application to get me approved for financing. You took a lot of stress out of that. If I know of or have family that needs a vehicle, I will recommend you first. Thank you again. Frank. August 29, 2013. Ontario, Canada-My wife and I had the best experience at Toronto Auto Loan Group. The best salesman ever. He wasn’t push or demanding. He bent over backwards for me to get what my wife and I wanted in a Dodge RAM. I would recommend this place to anyone of my friends and family members. The finance manager was a joy to be around when signing the papers. Great staff and a pleasant place to purchase a vehicle. Terrence – August 22, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan-I had an excellent service experience working with the finance team. He listened to what I wanted and helped me find a vehicle that met both my personal preferences and financing requirements. I would definitely refer others to him. Nicole – August 20, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto LoanResponse. Thank you Nicole for taking the time to review Car Loans Ontario and the good work by the team. It’s always nice to know we were of service and appreciate you trusting us with helping you buy a vehicle.-I am the proud owner of a new, 2013 Hyundai Accent.  This is the second car I have purchased with the assistance of a professional finance person.  They were amazing to work with!  Last year, my credit was not in good shape due to previous bankruptcy.  He worked diligently and against all odds, and I was able to purchase a car and re-build my credit.  I decided to upgrade this year, and within days of that initial phone call, I was sitting in my new car.  They make the process easy and effortless.  Their attention to detail, combined with his skilled knowledge of negotiating with banks help things progress quickly.  The auto loan team listens to the customer and delivers. I highly recommend allowing them to help you purchase your next car.Sincerely, A satisfied customer Alexis – August 15, 2013 Toronto Auto Loan for people with good and bad credit.-When I called them after being online, I came into the car buying process as frustrated and leery. I was treated respectfully and honestly through the whole process. I felt like they were on my side, trying to help me. I will definitely refer my friends to them. Paula – August 14, 2013. Ontario Canada-The service was top notch. They went over and beyond to ensure I was comfortable and satisfied with amazing customer service. Ms. Lee-Ann. August 13, 2013. Ontario Canada-Working with Ryan at Auto Loan has made finding a reliable car much easier than people lead it out to be. Before we knew it we were pre-approved for a car loan with $0 down and viewing cars we could buy in under 48hrs. I would recommend going threw auto loan solutions to anyone with bad credit or without. We are now owners of a 2012 Hyundai Accent thanks to your the best see you in 1 year. To his bosses he is due for a bonus or raise. Great work!!. From Kathleen . August 12, 2013. Ontario Canada-I would recommend someone without thinking twice. Working with them was great. They always were on top of things, great with the following up, every question I asked he always have an answer for it. He always sound happy to answer my calls. Meeting him in person was even better. They were  EXCELLENT to work with. Jean – August 10, 2013. Ontario Canada Auto Loan for Bad Credit in Toronto.Response: Jean, thank you for allowing the auto loan dealer in Toronto to help you get approved for your car loan. We work with the best bad credit and good credit car dealers in Toronto and Ontario and it’s feedback and reviews such as yours that allows us to feel great about the auto loan sales and solutions we provide. We help people with good credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, no money down, consumer proposal, no cosigner and much more get car loans in Toronto and Ontario Canada. The auto dealers we work with have access to all types of new and used cars for sale at low price with options for no money down car loans for qualified buyers. As you already know, they are based in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke and are able to work with other dealerships to help them get approved for used car loans for people with bad credit or good credit.-Nicole from Auto Loans Toronto is great. She was very helpful through the entire process. She was extremely patient as she answered all of my questions. I can’t say enough good things about Nicole, she was very professional and helpful. Brian – August 9, 2013. Ontario Canada Car Loan-Our experience with Nicole at Auto Loan Toronto was great. She was always in contact and kept me updated every step of the way. She was beyond exceptional to work with. One of the best experiences when dealing with my application. 🙂 10/10 Service 10/10 Customer Service Amanda. August 8, 2013 Toronto Auto Loan Review-I was very impressed with the auto loan service, very prompt , fast and friendly group of sales people. I especially enjoyed the free information received and after sales service. The people who handled my car loan were all very friendly. I enjoyed working with this dealership as most other dealer would have turned me away. They really helped me with my credit application. I am recommending this service to my family and anyone looking to get a car loan.  I am happy and excited to drive my 2010 Jeep. Thank you very much for helping me get a car loan with the credit score I had. Bernie – August 2, 2013 Auto Loan for Ontario Canada.-The people at Auto Loans in Toronto completely went above and beyond any expectations I had throughout the car buying process. Due to having a bad credit score and dealing with a consumer proposal, they were compassionate and an active listener. Their sales team had the right auto loan services and solution that solved more than my car issues while dealing with troubled credit. I need to get a car loan with no money down as I didn’t have the extra cash laying around due to a terrible divorce. They put me in touch with others to assist as well with fixing my credit and getting car insurance. Tiffany – August 1, 2013 auto loans for people in Toronto Ontario.-My overall experience with Karen was very informative, easy to relate to, very welcoming. I couldn’t wait to do business with her. Her inspiration and expertise was above and beyond. Am very grateful to know her. If we could only bottle and sell that kind of courtesy! I would highly recommend her to colleagues and friends. Keep up the wonderful work. Thank you. Cheryl – July 22 , 2013. Newmarket Ontario Canada Auto Loans-I came with many questions and concerns, mostly because I had a very small budget in mind and I was new to the entire vehicle purchase process. She immediately made me fee comfortable. She answered all my questions and was very willing to help! She’s been available all hours a day to assist, offer advice and coach me along the way. Couldn’t have done it with out her! Thank you !! 🙂 . Shelly – July 12, 2013. Ontario Auto Loan-Our auto loan specialist was amazing! I have never had a better experience purchasing a car. I trusted and appreciated everything she did for me! She was very professional and explained everything in exact detail to me at all times. I would recommend anybody and everybody to Toronto Auto Loan Group, especially Nicole. She has made me a very happy customer. Employee of the year!! Ms. Ashley. July 8, 2013 Auto Loan-Thank you very much. You have been very helpful, very hard working and very pleasant, committed to your work. You made everything happen. I will want to deal with you again in the future. Thank you. Peter – July 8, 2013 Toronto Auto LoanNicole was amazing – you would not understand how much of a pain I was there. She was very patient with me. Would recommend her to anyone. Stephen. July 7, 2013. GTA Ontario Auto Loan in and used car dealerships, at Auto Loan, we work hard to help you get approved within 24 hours. We have a wide selection of pre-owned and new cars for sale, over 10 years in helping Canadians receiving the best financing available. To apply online, simply visit our auto loan application page to get started. Thank you.-She was very pleasant to work with no problems at all. Helped us out a lot. Thanks Nicole. Ms. Riley. Toronto, Ontario Car Loan-The service from start to delivery was outstanding. You’re car loan representative went above and beyond on the scale of satisfaction 1 = low, 10 = excellent, I rate it at 12. Fantastic experience! Dianne. July 6, 2013. Toronto, Ontario Auto Loan-Our Auto Loans’ contact was a fantastic sales person who puts customers first. She made the entire process from start to finish easy and stress free. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a big stet and purchasing a vehicle. Awesome job Nicole.  Karina – July 5, 2013. Brampton ON Auto Loan-Nicole at Auto Loan was so awesome she did everything for me to get me in my car no pressure. Thanks. Patricia – July 5, 2013. Brampton ON Car Loan Review-Nicole was a wonderful person. She understood my situation and went above and beyond to help me get a reliable car since my old car was on its last set of tires. Brian – July 3, 2013. Courtice Ontario Canada Auto Loan for Bad Credit Review-I have had several experiences doing auto financing and have found this one has been by far the easiest one. I’m self-employed and that is a challenge in its self. But Nicole made the process quick and simple, even getting me a better interest rate! I would strongly recommend Auto Loans, and Nicole, to anyone I deal with for their auto financing needs. Tony – July 3, 2013. Brampton Ontario Auto Loan-Nicole is an amazing person. Kind, informative. I would recommend Auto Loan Solutions to anyone that asks. Natalia – July 2, 2013. Brampton ON Auto LoanNicole is amazing. Totally professional. The fact that she is a Romanian Princess made no difference. Extremely polite and made the whole transaction a pleasure. I love her!!! Lee – June 29th, 2013 Car Loan in Ontario Canada-It’s been such a great experience working with Auto Loan. I feel really grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Nicole (sales/finance representative) who was excellent in terms of providing “customer service” which is really hard to find in these days. I would definitely recommend my friends and family for  Toronto Auto LoansOnce again, Thank You for doing it for us. Beant D. June 29, 2013. Mississauga Ontario Auto Loan-Auto Loan Toronto has been excellent to us as a family with limited income. The work with us not against us which makes our busy lives very more easy. Nicole knows her job. Very  people friendly – Very caring – very well rounded in customer service. Thanks for caring and help us. Karen – June 29, 2013. Waterloo Ontario Canada Auto Loan-My experience with Toronto Auto Loan has been more than pleasant. The entire staff was courteous and very professional. They helped accommodate me with a vehicle and handled all the transactions seamlessly.I would definitely recommend any friend/relative to experience the ease of purchasing a vehicle here. Thanks Connie and Noel – you’ve been great! Robert O. June 28, 2013. North York ON Auto Loan for Bad Credit-Honesty, Respect, Compassion are the words I would use to sum up my experience with Karen!We can all get into situations that are sometimes beyond our control and need to apply for special financing. The folks here treat you with respect and understand the need to assist.What I enjoyed the most was that I was NOT just another sale and get me out the door! She took the time and brought me to my choice by getting to know who I was and what I wanted (believe me it took a while…)2 great things happened with my experience with Karen:1)    I bought a car I love2)    I learned a ton about my credit and ways to improve it (this was way above and beyond!!)I would fully recommend this service and can’t say enough great things about Karen and the rest of the staffTodd. June 28, 2013 Car Loan-Let me start off with your one amazing woman. Right from the start you treated me with respect. I left I could tell you anything and you wouldn’t judge me. You went above and beyond your job to help me out. And for that I will always be grateful. I would and have recommended you to everyone I know. Your the best. I honestly won’t believe I would be driving the vehicle now hadn’t it not been for all your hard work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Maggie – June 25, 2013. Ontario Auto Loan-This has been an amazing experience. Karen was fantastic and worked very hard through the hurdles we encountered. Karen stopped at nothing to ensure that I was take care with care. The experience is one that I will not forget for all the right reasons. Thank you very much for everything to you and everyone else involved. I will high recommend you to anyone. Bradley – June 19, 2013. Sudbury Ontario-We looked at many cars at a few dealerships and Noel worked very closely to make sure we were in a car that fit our budget and was the type of car we wanted. Without a doubt I would pass along Noel’s contact information to anyone looking to buy a new car as the service from not only Noel but the dealership in a whole was by far the best we encountered during the purchase of our new car. Steven – June 18, 2013 Hamilton Ontario Auto Loan-Hi Karen, Again this is a follow up to say thank you again for the over and above OUTSTANDING SERVICE! You provided in helping me get a vehicle! Karen was professional,caring and most of understanding! I have been in the automotive industry for almost 20yrs and can honestly say that my experience at Toronto Auto Loan Company was a breath of fresh air and can be certain!!! That they are the ones and the only ones!! That care about what they do and actually do what they say! A human touch! I will definitely be back to work with them for my next vehicle!! Thanks again Karen for everything you did!! I will definitely be recommending you!!! Happy Customer!! Tom-

June 11, 2013  (Auto Loan)-I have purchased a vehicle just recently from your business, and I just want to share my experience.  My sales representative was an absolutely pleasure to deal with. She was very understanding, very prompt, and on top of everything, she took the time to talk and explain everything…and she absolutely went that extra mile for me, which I appreciate so much. I want to Thank you and your company for the GREAT Service…and most of all the Outstanding  service which I received from her. Thank-you, From one very Happy Customer, Elaine.

Auto Loan in Toronto I fell in bad times and needed a new vehicle to pick myself back up again. She helped me out and was extremely considerate and overall she made this a great experience. This would be the first place I would recommend to anyone to purchase a car. Tammy – June 3, 2013 Pickering

Auto Loan for Bad credit people that need a car is not easy. But they very helpful in finding my car from a Midland Ontario even with very bad credit. They didn’t stop looking until I had the exact car I needed. Very courteous and prompt when returning my calls. These car loan guys got the best deal on my auto loan. I would recommend them to all my family and friends. Thanks Cathy. Ronald + Charlene – June 3, 2013 Midland Ontario Auto Loan for Good and Bad Credit.-My experience getting a bad credit has been excellent. Being a returning client I felt that my business was valued. Cathy was fantastic while working with me. She took the time to find me a vehicle I really wanted with a monthly payment I could afford. As I am from up North, it is a drive and a drive well worth it. I will continue to do business with Auto Loan thanks to the great customer experience from the auto loan advisors in Toronto! Thanks again CAr Loans Ontario. Karlene – June 2, 2013 Huntsville ON Auto Loan for Good and Bad Credit.-Hubby was surfing the web. Cathy has been a pleasure to deal with. Her understanding and help has made us very satisfied and we will definitely recommend here to our family and friends. “THANKS” for making hubby’s dream come true. Edward – May 30, 2013 (Auto Loan)-I am happy with the service that I received from the auto loan sales and finance rep at the Toronto dealership. She was very helpful and went out to help me with my search for a car after getting the car loan I needed that was easy with having bad credit. It saved me having to drive from lot to lot to see other cars. Annetta – May 30, 2013 Mississauga ON Auto Loan.-I wanted a car so bad and with my credit I was thinking it was not possible. but then the used car financing person for Brampton that deals with bad credit and bankruptcy called me and assured me that she could get me a car. Was still thinking it was not possible until they called and said I got you a cheap but reliable used car. I was so happy. Car Loans Ontario is the best in this business I will recommend anyone I know that needs a car to one of their auto dealers. They are amazing. – May 27, 2013 Brampton ON

Auto Loans for Easy Car Credit and Financing.-Catherine is very professional, she does her very best to make sure you are happy, and also easy to talk to. Laura – May 29, 2013.

Toronto ON Auto Loan Review My experience with Auto Loan was a great one. The auto loan service rep was very helpful in getting me into a new car that me and my family do enjoy. Jim is very friendly and a great pleasure to deal with. I would definitely recommend he and Auto Loan to my family and friends because of the great service and environment I was exposed to.

The remove the whole stereotype of the pushy car sales person. Joseph – May 28, 2013. Mississauga Ontario (Auto Loan for Bad Credit Review)-I would just like to say I recently purchased a new vehicle through Jim Ringer. His customer service went above and beyond any expectations I may have had. He made sure I completely understood the paperwork, and went over it carefully with me.I would send any of my friends or family to them to purchase a new vehicle. Laura – May 14, 2013. Ontario (Auto Credit Review)-I’m happy and satisfied. I’m glad I did business with Jim. Guy – May 13, 2013. Chapleau, ON (Auto Credit Review)-The experience my spouse and I had with the financing car dealer was outstanding. We were very nervous at first but they went out of their way to help with any of our auto loan concerns. I would highly recommend Car Loans Ontario to anyone. Mikey– May 13, 2013 Ontario Auto Loan for Cars.-Tom was a great help and I would recommend them to anyone. Philip – May 2, 2013. Hamilton ON (Bad Credit Auto Loans)-The auto loan sales person was excellent to deal with. He went over and above to be helpful in assisting me to buy my new truck. He was a pleasure to talk to and he was extra helpful. Having our transportation covered was a huge deal, since this was a barrier to us getting down here to get a new vehicle. I would absolutely recommend that other people in Thunder Bay work with Tyson to purchase a vehicle. Derek – May 2, 2013. Thunder Bay ON (Auto Loan Company Review)-Hi Cathy, Just to let you know I did not forget about you and the wonderful job you had done for me in regarding my new car, I do admire the patience and the time you take to go to the extra mile to get me in a new car. As long as you are working in the same field I will always come to you to represent me in purchasing a new vehicle because I feel really comfortable with you therefore I will recommend you to anyone I know that want to purchase a new/used Vehicles. I am very pleased and happy with my car. I just hope your bosses know what a great assets you are to the company.Thanks again for a job well done. George – May 3, 2013 Toronto Car Loan for Bad Credit.-Upon finding your website online, I filled out my application and I was surprised she called me that fast. Cathy was prompt and very helpful, and I would recommend her to everyone. Terrence – May 1, 2013,  Hamilton ON

Auto Loan in Ontario  for poor Credit and no credit vehicle financing.-I found Mississauga Auto Loans on the internet just looking for a bad credit auto lender. I applied online and they auto finance specialist contacted me back within an hour. She went above and beyond a normal customer service rep would. Kept me updated everyday on the auto loan process from Toronto and was friendly, professional with answering any and all questions. I would refer my auto loan specialist to anyone that’s looking to buy a car with bruised credit.

to anyone that is interested in buying a used vehicle Lee – April 30, 2013 Toronto, ON (Toronto Auto Loan).-Excellent customer service!!

Very pleased and happy with service/vehicle! Will for sure recommend my friends. Thank you so much for helping me with my purchase– May 1, 2013.

Lombardy, ON ( Auto Loan) -I would recommend people to Car Loans Ontario Canada. My experience was good and they worked hard to find something for me. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Greg – April 30, 2013. Brampton Ontario (Auto Loan)-Straight forward and very helpful with info. Thank you. Deb and Joe – April 30, 2013. Tiny ON (Auto Loan)-Tyson was awesome. He helped us with all of our issues. I would not hesitate to deal with Tyson again. He is a wonderful person. He made this situation painless and very non stressful. Thank you again for all of his help and wonderful attitude. Tammy – April 25, 2013. Barrie ON Car Loans-Tyson work every hard for us. Good to work with and talk to. Tyson work to get the best deal for us very committed person. Cindy – April 24, 2013. Barrie ON (Toronto Car Loan)Great customer service from the team working with Car Loans Ontario. Stephanie – April 24, 2013. Walkerton Ontario ( Auto Loan).-I would recommend all of my friends to come and see them to help out. They don’t give up. They sure did not give up on me when I needed the car loan, she was very helpful and professional. She was my favorite text saying, “Elma you were approved” my respond was Yaay!. Thank you very much. – April 23, 2013. Mississauga Ontario (Toronto Car Loan )-AWESOME!! Thank you so much for prompt and efficient service! Kyle – April 23, 2013. Ontario (Auto Loan)-I was very happy with the way my experience went with the auto loan service, they were very patient, easy to talk to and to understand. I would recommend their service, Leanne – January 20, 2014 Goderich ON Auto Loans.-Very pleasant lady who goes out of her way to help a customer. I’m very glad that I’ve met her. She will be recommended to everyone I know. I have never felt more at ease. Her service is greatly appreciated. Angelica – January 19, 20 North York Ontario Auto Loans.-Amazing! Went completely out of their way to help us get approved for a vehicle! Very friendly. I would recommend them to anyone! Anonymous – April 18, 2013. Hamilton Ontario Auto Loan Customer for bad credit and good credit car loans.-Unbelievable experience having them find financing and a great vehicle in such a short time with friendly service. Great job and thanks. Peter – April 17, 2013 Waterloo Ontario Auto Loan Customer-I would recommend them to everyone that need a car. Everyone was honest, respectful and very reasonable. Many thanks! Liz – April 10, 2013 Mississauga Auto Loans.-Car Loans treated me very amazing taking care of a lot of things, and helping to get my first car. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone I know cause of their amazing staff and quality work. Cody – April 10, 2013 Toronto used car loan for good and bad credit.-Great people to deal with while trying to get financing. We would recommend them to anyone no problem. That’s way we keep coming back. Brad – April 10, 2013,Toronto Ontario.-Devin and Connie have been amazing and we appreciate everything they have done. Great work. Karla – April 10, 2013. Ontario (Toronto’s Auto Loan Group)-My overall experience with their dealership in Etobicoke has been extremely good. She has made the experience of purchasing a vehicle very easy and with ease not once but twice. I will continue to return to this company as long as I can. Rayanne – April 10, 2013Toronto Ontario (Toronto’s Auto Loan Group).Response: July 27, 2015: Hello Rayanne, Thank you very much for allowing us to help you get the financing you needed for that used car. We appreciate you taking the time to review our auto loan dealer in Toronto and wish you all the best. We look forward to seeing you again in a few years.-The service was really amazing, all the help was good. If it wasn’t for their finance team helping me I would be walking to work. Need something safe and reliable and that is what they did for me. Thank you again. Michael – April 9, 2013 Ontario (Toronto’s Auto Loan).-Working with them in getting a car loan with bad credit was a delight. The dealership was fast, efficient and answered my endless questions. I will definitely be back with any of my family’s future needs! Paulette– April 9, 2013 Ontario (Toronto’s Auto Loan Group).-My experience is excellent. At first I didn’t think that this would work, but she walked me calmly through all the steps. And the results were phenomenal, I cant’ thank you guys enough. This was a great experience. And you can count on me for recommendations. Because I like what I just saw. Alexandre – April 9, 2013. Oshawa ON Toronto’s Auto Loan Group.-I was very happy in the prompt service! Awesome. Everyone was very pleasant and fast. It made the process easier and less anxiety. Thank you so much, Trudy – April 6, 2013 Ontario (Toronto’s Auto Loan Group Review).-I am taking the time today to thank you for your help and your professionalism during my search for a car.  I will not hesitate for one second to referring you to my friends, family member if they are looking for a car. The way you helped, makes me feel like an appreciate customer by the company.Once again thank you very much. Best Regards, Lincoln – April 5, 2013. Hamilton ON (Toronto’s Auto Loan Group)-I came into the auto loan place just to look around. Knowing I had less than good credit, I knew a new car was out of the question! After speaking with their finance department about getting a used car loan, they got me approved and put me in a brand new Chevrolet Cruze! After dealing with a few dealerships, They put the confidence back in me. A few days later, I had the vehicle I wanted. Thank you so much for all your patience, hard work and just an all out easy, relaxing experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – March 8, 2013 Toronto ON Auto Loan.-

For service and customer service I would, recommend to anyone looking for good quality friendly knowable service. My auto loan approval specialist was friendly, kind, resourceful, and contacted me back in a time matter. I would for sure deal with her again, and look forward to getting another vehicle from her. – March 5, 2013

Lindsay ON Auto Loan.-With my experience with the dealership, I found very hard-working, very helpful staff. The lady and her hard work helped me acquire a vehicle I can drive with confidence and feel safe. My experience with the dealer is a good one. I will always have business with this dealership. Thank you for a great vehicle and financing – March 2, 2013. Woodstock Ontario Car Loan for people with good or bad credit.-Very nice and polite and very understanding. She worked hard for us to get a vehicle. We really appreciate the hard work. Thank you very much for your help– February 27, 2013 Ontario Canada.-

I am completely satisfied with the service provided by Justin. He went above and beyond to provide me with a vehicle I requested Pam. – February 24, 2013 Ontario Canada.-Consider this, many say they can, but can’t, many say they will, but will not. Some even go as far as they will make sure you do or they are all a fake. But when it comes to making things happen, Our Toronto car loan partner creates the place where dreams and reality connect. Outstanding customer service and going the distance to see all things go the way you need, without endless call backs. Yeah, I’m HAPPY, just look at my smile. Jason I. – February 23, 2013 Ontario Canada used car financing.-We proudly serve areas of Ontario Canada for people looking to get a car loan with no money and low money down. From the major cities of Greater Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Pickering, Oshawa, Barrie and Ottawa to rural areas for the best vehicle financing. Our partners have a wide variety of quality vehicles for you to select from. Our #1 auto loan partner is located  near 3200 Bloor Street West in Toronto M8X 1E1 with dealership locations all across Ontario.Because we value you as a client, we would sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Please just share your overall car loan experience online and let us know if you would recommend us to someone you care about. We are committed to helping change the lives of our customers.Can you finance a car with bad credit better than TD Bank located at the address 61 Hanna Ave Toronto, ON M6K 3N7, Canada with phone number (416) 536-2371?

Well if your credit is bad and you need to get approved, we will surely try our best. Car loan financing for bad credit is possible for people in Toronto when looking for Honda, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Caravan. Get the right free and easy information to get started with the best dealerships online. Forget about calculators or banks that will deny your loan and trust our professionals to help you. Finance for bad credit vehicles is just an easy process here online with no obligation.

With dealerships located in or near 360 Rexdale Blvd, Toronto Ontario M9W 1R7. Even of you don’t live in the area and need free information on how to get a bad credit car loan.

Can you get car finance with bad credit?

Of course you can as long as you make over $1800 per month, are an Ontario Canada resident with a minimum G2 drivers license. Finance for bad credit for cars both new and used even if banks such as Scotiabank and TD have refused your credit application. So many different auto loan solutions available online from people offering guaranteed approval services for free.Auto Loans Ontario Canada finances and sells Toronto Brampton Mississauga used cars. We draw from our large stock of used cars and trucks in western Canada. Toronto Brampton Mississauga is the gateway to northern Saskatchewan (SK) and a major transportation hub. Auto Loans Ontario Canada financing is available for Toronto Brampton Mississauga used cars and trucks. We specialize in higher risk or bad credit loans for used cars.When we refer to Toronto Brampton Mississauga used cars we include used cars and trucks in the following centres: Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Greater Sudbury, Whitby, Kingston Ontario, Brampton, Listowel, Ajax and beyond.Toronto Brampton Mississauga Used Cars Financing

Auto Loans Ontario Canada has numerous contact methods for our used cars financing.