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Why Us?

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Why Choose Car Loans Ontario in Canada to help you get an auto loan with bad credit, bankruptcy, good credit, no money down or consumer proposal?

With so many bad credit car loan companies and car dealers in Ontario Canada competing to sell you a vehicle or offer auto loans, we’ve found a simple no hassle way to help all our website visitors same time and money during the auto loan approval and car buying process.

How to we help people in Ontario Canada get car loans?

Not having the right information before going through the credit checks and purchasing a vehicle is the main reason we see so many people ending up with high interest rates on their auto loans and the wrong vehicle.

Our role is to help everyone get a car loan and tell others about our service. We do that by sharing the right information and connecting people with the right car dealers based on their positive reviews on their Google local listing, as well as their inventory selection.

Contact us online or by phone 24/7 to get information on auto loans

Car Loans Ontario offers our online livechat team available 7 days a week to answer your questions. In addition, you can text “auto loan” to 647-926-0046 to get more information on how to get a car loan with bad credit or poor credit.

Free Ontario Canada Auto Loans Help for Bad Credit
Car Loans Ontario works with bad credit car dealers with access to used cars at their dealership and vehicles listed on AutoTrader Canada, kijiji and AutoCatch helping them attract online visitors just like you who need to buy a used vehicle but have poor or bad credit.

Although our select auto dealerships in Ontario have access to both new and used cars for sale, lease, finance and servicing, the majority of the people we work with are looking to buy a used car, truck, minivan or suv from a reputable source. Our dealers in Ontario Canada will work hard to help you and anyone with good or bad credit get the financing they need an deserve at a reasonable auto loan interest rate. If you’ve been denied a used vehicle loan from an Ontario bankĀ  or a car dealer due to issues other than our listed auto loan requirements, then give us a call or complete our free online auto finance application.

Excellent Easy Ontario Canada Auto Loans and Customer Service People

Car Loan Customer Service in Ontario Canada to us is not just about Customer Service when it comes to helping our visitors get the financing for vehicles.

Great Customer Service is all about exceeding each and every one of our visitors’ expectations before and after they’ve purchased their vehicle.

Car loans Ontario take great pride in knowing our Ontario residents were fully serviced by one of our car dealers in our network and was able to leave a positive review on the entire process.

By working hard to help everyone and treating each customer as if they are our only customer, we are able to differentiate ourselves from others.

Other good auto loan services can be found with Canada Drives and Car Loans 411 and we are sure they must have the same goals to provide the best in vehicle finance assistance.

At Car Loans Ontario, we want to become and remain the best in the auto loan for bad credit assistance business not just by the number of credit applications our dealers have been able to receive, but by the great service and support our network of auto dealers have been able to accomplish.

Franchise Dealerships Offering Financing for Both New and Used Vehicles

When Car Loans Ontario in Canada first started years ago, we would have small and medium sized used car dealers in our network.

After a few months helping people get auto financing, we started receiving complaints from our users saying some of the small used automotive dealers, although they were able to get them approved for vehicle financing, they didn’t have the wide selection of vehicles normally found with our current large Franchise (new and used cars) dealership.

Our Franchise automotive dealership partners in Ontario Canada offer both new and used cars for sale have all the services needed such as sales, parts, auto repair and financing.

Whether looking for a bad credit car loan to buy a used Honda Accord, BMW, Ford, Dodge minivan, Toyota or a Chevrolet, let us help you here online today. We are based in Brampton Greater Toronto with dealership friends serving all across Ontario Canada.

Car Loans Ontario found these car dealers took great care in their online and offline dealership reputation and invest a great deal in ensuring each car buyer is treated fairly both before and after the sale.

What this does is minimize or totally eliminates the negative feedback and reviews often experienced by unhappy customers who felt they were scammed by dealer or felt they were charged way too much for a car they could have bought 1000s of dollars cheaper.

Serving auto loan customers in Toronto, Brampton, Pickering, Markham and throughout Ontario Canada.

Complete Auto Loan Service Transparency

Would you trust your personal information on a car loan website that doesn’t list a local phone number or has an address within the province you live in?

We sure wouldn’t.

That’s why Car Loans Ontario ensures all our online visitors has access to our local Greater Toronto Area phone number at 647-926-0046 in addition to having the opportunity to speak with someone who actually lives in Ontario Canada about your auto loan requirements before even proceeding with your auto finance application.

Car Loans Ontario doesn’t ask users for their Social Insurance Numbers or very personal information on our website in order to protect their privacy.

At any time, Ontario residents looking for car loans with good or bad credit can call or text 647-926-0046 to speak with Gabriel Irowa based in Brampton Greater Toronto to discuss their bad credit car loan requirements before being connected with a Franchise dealership focused on helping people that need a car get auto financing with good or bad credit.

It’s so important to get all the necessary auto finance details regarding your auto loan before making any commitments. You can do this by phone or by email. You can also email Gabriel at gabriel should you have any personal things to discuss before getting pre-approved.

Fair Treatment

At Car Loans Ontario, we understand that having very bad credit, consumer proposal, no credit, no money down or previous bankruptcy issues make it difficult to buy a new or used car in Ontario.

Canadian Automotive Dealerships know this and the wrong dealer could and will at times take advantage of us by charging really high prices for vehicles or offering ridiculous interest rates such as over 30%.

If the option for lower auto loan interest rates are available, this is not fair treatment and the right thing to do based on certain individual’s situation is to advise the person not to buy the vehicle right now or recommend financing for a lower priced vehicle with a much lower interest rate to begin with.

IF then the applicant still would like to go ahead and get auto financing with a high auto loan interest rate of over 20% with credit scores around 550, 650, 500, then that’s ok.

What this does is allow you to be able to refinance that same vehicle a year or a year and half from now at a much lower auto loan interest rate.

Hi, my name is Gabriel Irowa, Marketing Manager for Car Loans Ontario and Dealer Canada Inc and my mission is to help people in Ontario Canada get car loans regardless of poor credit, bankruptcy, consumer proposal or no credit by connecting them to the best new and used car dealers in Canada with at least a 98% auto loan approval rating.

I’m here to help so feel free to apply online or call/text me at 647-926-0046. I work with Ontario Canada’s largest dealership groups with over 4000 new and used cars, trucks, suvs and minivans for sale from Chevrolet, Honda, Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM 1500/2500/3500, New 2020 Dodge Grand Caravans, Ford and much more.

Most of my bad credit car loan and poor credit dealership partners are within at 50 kilometer radius of Van Kirk Dr, Brampton, ON L7A 2Y4 for anyone looking for bad credit car loans. If at anytime the vehicle you have in mind is not located on the dealership lot, these auto finance specialists will work closely with you to get the vehicle you need from another dealer if you qualify.

As a note, people currently unemployed, retired, on Ontario Disability ODSP, Ontario Works, making less than $250 per week in provable income will not be able to get approved through our auto loan dealers approval network at this time unless a qualified cosigner is available in the auto finance process.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our Car Loans Ontario’s special finance website and we look forward to helping you get the best and easiest car loans with good or bad credit. When you need easy financing to buy a quality used car, minivan, suv or truck.

Get free help with auto loans for people with bad credit, consumer proposal or bankruptcy issues. Car loan info updated March 19, 2019.