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Car Loans Ontario offers people in Ontario Canada that need to get a guaranteed auto loan the help they need without the hassle or worry of being declined. We do this by providing our visitors with all the necessary information about how to qualify prior to the dealer conducting a credit check.

The Auto Loan Approval Process

The auto loan approval process is fast and guaranteed if you meet the minimum requirements and have your proof of income, copy of your ID available to share with the dealership.

To get approved for a car loan in Ontario, one must be at least 18 years of age and working a job that pays $1,800 including taxes per month. You must be able to prove your income by way of employment pay stubs or bank statements that show you’re receiving the stated amount.

A minimum G2 Drivers License is required and the ability to find and get auto insurance for the select vehicle.

If you’re currently on Ontario Disability ODSP or Ontario Works, you will not be able to get a car loan through our dealership partners as they require working individuals.

If you’re currently being paid cash or under the table, then you will not be able to obtain a car loan in your name.

Private Seller Auto Loans

People looking for financing to purchase a vehicle from a private seller or a family member will not qualify for a car loan from the dealer as they require all auto loan applicants to purchase the vehicle from their new or used inventory. However, some dealers are able to find a similar or even better vehicle at a good price.

To get started with the auto loan approval process or to just learn more about how to get financing for a new or used car in Ontario, visit our contact form or apply here page.

You may also text “auto loan” to 647-926-0046 to ask questions about vehicle selection and auto loan interest rates.