Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston Toronto Used Car Dealer at 301 Weston Rd Toronto ON M6N 3P1

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Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston is a Toronto Ontario used car dealer located at 301 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M6N 3P1. Their local Toronto Ontario phone number is (416) 766-2277.

About Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston Reviews

Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston in Toronto currently has over 335 Google reviews with an impressive 4.5 average review rating. After reading most of their online Google reviews, it was nice to see their customers taking the time to provide their positive feedback on this dealer.

Sales and Services from Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston

  • They offer a wide selection of high quality, competitively priced vehicles for sale in Toronto Ontario.
  • They offer warranty and safety certification on vehicles.
  • They can refinance an auto loan and offer new financing on all types of credit whether good or bad.
  • They welcome other car buyer mechanic’s inspection before the purchase of their vehicles.

Dealership Used Vehicle Inventory

In looking at their dealership website, we noticed they had an wide selection of over 100 used vehicles from the below makes and models.

Their listed used vehicle makes and models included but not limited to the below.

Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet (17), Dodge (10), Ford (13), Honda (8), Hyundai (6), Jaguar, Kia (7), Land Rover, Lexus (2), Mazda (1), Mercedes-Benz (4), Mitsubishi (6), Nissan (4), Toyota (12) and Volkswagen.

Not only did Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston listed such a great selection of used cars and trucks, they had prices that were low and competitive for people looking to get a reliable cheap used car loans with bad credit. This is great to have as with bad credit car loans, it can be difficult to get approved for a vehicle costing over $30,000 and most low income families cannot afford it. They can simply purchase one of these low cost vehicles from Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston in Toronto.

Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston
Address: 301 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M6N 3P1
Province: Ontario
Phone: Phone: (416) 766-2277

Example Reviews of Coliseum Auto Sales on Weston

Buying my car at Coliseum Auto Sales was definitely a great decision of mine. The prices of the vehicles were incredible and I have recommended this dealer to many people. The salespeople, especially Kevin, were very polite and welcoming to me and my family. He told me everything I needed to know before purchasing my car, and answered all my questions in full detail. It’s a perfectly genuine dealer, and if you’re planning on buying a used vehicle, I totally recommend putting Coliseum Auto as your first choice.

  • Bought my first car here a few weeks ago with my sister. Jay Boake was always ready to answer questions honestly and facilitate our new-buyer worried requests. When my schedule got complicated he cheerfully accommodated and ensured that it was still as smooth a process as it could be. We picked up a Forte5 and so far it’s been great. I appreciate the fact that the already-low price was straight up with no surprise fees at the end of the day. Definitely a good experience as a new buye
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