Easy Toronto Car Loans Near You

Live in Toronto and need a car loan? Bad credit and poor credit Toronto area car loans is what our dealers and lenders do. Find out what’s required to get guaranteed approval and know your interest rate before you end up losing thousands in over payments.

Simple Steps to Getting a Toronto Car Loan

  1. Over 18 years of age
  2. Live in Ontario Canada
  3. Valid Ontario Canada drivers license
  4. Working at least 3 months
  5. Provable income of at least $1,800 per month before taxes
  6. Not on Ontario Works or ODSP
  7. Ability to obtain car insurance on the select vehicle
  8. No current vehicle repossession
  9. Not looking for private vehicle sale purchase
  10. Vehicle must be within 7 years old to get approved for financing
  11. Trade-in accepted
  12. No cash paying jobs
  13. You can read more here

In order to get the best interest rate for your auto loan, it’s important to provide accurate information on your current and past credit history in regards to having any bankruptcy or vehicle repossession,

Interest rates on auto loans within Ontario Canada from auto dealers range from 0% to 29.9% and will depend on your credit history, vehicle selection and if you’re looking to put money down on the purchase.

Fill out our online form and let us help you get the car loan you need at a monthly payment you can afford.