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How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit in Ontario Canada

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Car loans Ontario specializes in helping people with bad credit, poor credit, consumer proposal and even bankruptcy related issues get approved for a car loan in local Ontario from a dealership with a high approval rating.

So how do you get a car loan with bad credit in Ontario Canada?

Getting an auto loan with less than perfect credit comes down to a few factors which I will briefly touch on here. Or you can simply chat with us online and ask your questions in real time.

With bad credit, monthly working income should be at least $3,000 or more with a job tenure of over 3 months. The higher the income and the less you owe on existing credit cards or loans, the better your chances are at getting approved for financing.

If you currently have an existing car loan and in bankruptcy, and looking for another auto loan, then unfortunately, we can’t help you get approved.

BUT, you can always trade in your existing vehicle for a better car loan and allow our auto finance managers working on adding your negative equity to the new auto loan if an approval is obtained.

Regardless of your current or past credit situation, apply how online to get started! You will be happy you did.