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Get the Vehicle You Want at Payments You Can Afford 

Need a vehicle? Tired of all the broken promises that these dealers around us seem to constantly offer?

Well we guarantee to be different and to treat you with respect.

Having bad credit doesn’t mean we are bad people. And as some of Canada’s best Specialty Finance Manages, we understand that fully.

You’re here because deserve honesty, transparency and the right information on how to get the vehicle you need with a credit history that’s had some mistakes on it.

With every dealer saying they can get you pre-approved for a car loan and the car you want, who can you trust? The truth is, getting a vehicle with bad credit, bankruptcy or a proposal is not guaranteed unless a few minimum requirements are met.


For the dealers who can get you approved for a car loan, what they don’t tell you is how much money (or gross profit) they are making by taking advantage of you. They don’t count of you ever coming back to buy another car so they hit you with such high cost, warranties and interest rates.


As Finance Managers, we believe in being fair and honest in hopes you will tell others about how well you were treated. Our commitment to our clients is to serve them better than any other auto loan company and dealer in the country.


Complete the quick contact form on our website, you will be in touch with the best and most compassionate Auto Loan Experts in the car loan industry that serve your local Ontario area.

Yes we are also proud parents, auto loan professionals, but mostly people who understand what it’s like to have bad credit with family responsibilities. 


Great Inventory Selection!

From over 5,000 certified new and used vehicles, you will have 3 wonderful reliable ones to choose from based on what you tell us you wanted in the initial conversation.

Know exactly how much you will be paying bi-weekly (or monthly) in car payments and your auto loan interest rate. We can even look into which vehicle would be best suited for you based on lowest auto insurance rates.

Looking for a sedan or small SUV? We can help!

Looking for a minivan or truck? We can help!

Have an existing auto loan that you want rolled over into a new car loan and newer vehicle with low kilometres? We can help!

Already have a vehicle that you are thinking of trading in but need a quick appraisal to see if it makes sense? We can help!

Let’s get started now and complete our secure and confidential online form. We look for to serving you and get you driving in less than 3 business days.