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Drive the Vehicle You Want at a Payment You Can Afford!
You’re here because you prefer honesty, transparency and the right information on how to get the vehicle you need with a credit history that’s had some mistakes on it. With everyone saying they can get you approved for a car loan and the car you want, who can you trust? The truth is, get a vehicle with bad credit, bankruptcy or a proposal is not guaranteed unless a few minimum requirements are met.
For the dealers who can get you approved for a car loan, what they don’t tell you is how much money (or gross profit) they are making by taking advantage of you. They don’t count of you ever coming back to buy another car so they hit you with such high cost, warranties and interest rates.
We believe in being fair and honest in hopes you will tell other about how well you were treated.
By completing the form on our website, you will be in contact with 2 of the best and most compassionate women Auto Loan Experts in Ontario Canada. Not just parents, but people who understand what it’s like to have bad credit with family responsibilities. 
You will have 2 to 3 vehicle options based on what you tell us you want in a vehicle, exactly how much you will be paying bi-weekly (or monthly), your interest rate and even look into which vehicle would be best based on affordable auto insurance.